6 Jun 2022

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Carry out the Energy Diagnosis of your company site with ECO Next

  Energy Diagnosis is a systematic investigation of the energy uses of the site, the building or the system under analysis, with the aim of identifying, among the energy flows, opportunities to reduce energy costs...Read More...

9 May 2022

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See sounds thanks to ECO Next

  Thanks to our beamforming equipment we are able to obtain in real time an acoustic map that overlaps the photographic image of the investigated source: this makes visible the acoustic characteristic of the latter...Read More...

26 Apr 2022

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How to update the prevention measures of machines and systems with ECO Next

  The employer, according to Art. 70 and 71 of D.Lgs. 81/2008, must make available to its workers machines and/or systems in compliance with the laws and regulations transposing community product directives, updating its prevention...Read More...

11 Apr 2022

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Choose ECO Next to ensure your company’s compliance to HSEE requirements

  Every company is called upon to ensure compliance with HSEE - Healthy Safety Environment Energy requirements at the workplace. By choosing ECO Next, you will be supported, with concrete tools and effective solutions, in...Read More...

28 Mar 2022

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Evaluation of racks with ECO Next

  According to the Italian decree-law 81/08 metal racks are to be fully considered as work equipment. The Employer is therefore obliged to comply with the general obligations regarding work equipment and those contained in Title III.,...Read More...

10 Mar 2022

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Industry 4.0: 6-month extension for the delivery of goods ordered in 2021

    The machinery ordered by the end of last year currently benefit of the 4.0 incentives provided for by the 2021 budget law, as long as they are delivered and installed by June 2022....Read More...

1 Mar 2022

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SICURAPPY, the first and only app for safety at work

  ECO Next, with LATTANZIO Safety Quality Environment, a company specialized in services for Management Systems, Health, Safety at Work and Environment, launches Sicurappy, the first and only app dedicated to verification, management and sharing...Read More...

21 Feb 2022

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Entrusted on ECO Next for risk assessment against atmospheric discharges

  The assessment of the risk of lightning strike is an obligation provided by the Testo Unico for the employer so, relying on a specialized technician who implements important technical and organizational measures, he can...Read More...

24 Jan 2022

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Aerial inspections with Drones by ECO Next

  ECO Next performs a lot of inspections with drones in different areas: inspection of cranes: technical arial inspections photogrammetric and thermographic for construction and real estate measurements for design and construction of 3d models thermographic inspections...Read More...

10 Jan 2022

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Legionella and drinking water, rely on our experts

ECO Next has prepared an independent, third-party risk assessment service which allows the certification of a complete risk assessment by analysing the plant and samples of the environment in order to identify critical issues. The...Read More...

13 Dec 2021

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RADON Risk – Rely on ECO Next

  With qualified technicians and experts, ECO Next offers instrumental measurements and the preparation of technical documents with regard to Radon Gas all over Italy. The concentration of Radon gas can be determined by comparing...Read More...

6 Dec 2021

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Rely on ECO Next to check your electromedical equipment

  All work equipment in the sense of “every machine, appliance, instrument or unit meant to be used for working” is subject to the safety inspections prescribed by the Italian decree-law 81/08. And it has...Read More...