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General Contractor

ECO NEXT acts as general contractor and is the only point of reference for apartment buildings, as far as the planning and implementation of energy efficiency measures are concerned, as provided for in the tax relief of the “Relaunch Decree” (so-called Superbonus 110%), with the use of the instant discount on the invoice, in exchange for the transfer of the tax credit due to the apartment building.

Provision of goods and services

in order to support to construction work, whether or not they are covered by the super bonus scheme (wallboxes for charging electric vehicles, photovoltaic installations and accumulators, defibrillators, lifelines, lift controls and earthing systems, etc.).


360° consulting for other general contractors

ECO NEXT’s team of experts who deal with the 110% superbonus has created an evaluation sheet for apartment buildings in order to objectify, accelerate and simplify choices through an immediate understanding of where it is possible or in any case most advisable to intervene.

The regulation

The Superbonus is a subvention provided for in the Relaunch Decree that raises the deduction rate for investments made between July 1st 2020 and June 30th, 2022 to 110%, with the possibility of extension until December 31st 2022 (extension by the new Budget Law). This applies to specific measures in the field of energy efficiency, seismic safety, installation of photovoltaic systems or systems for charging electric vehicles in buildings.

The new funds come in addition to the benefits provided for measures to restore the existing built volumes such as Sismabonus, Ecobonus and Fronts Bonus.
The innovations include the possibility of receiving an advance payment in terms of a rebate from the suppliers of the goods or services instead of directly claiming the tax deduction, or alternatively, the cession of the credit corresponding to the due amount of the tax deduction.

The discontinuity of the Decree

The decree breaks with the previous business logic of the construction sector by offering adequate remuneration to contractors and allowing end consumers to benefit from the tax credit. The result is a “virtuous circle” that motivates all parties involved and makes it possible to reconstruct the housing stock without, or at least with very little, financial expense. Furthermore, the financial risk on incoming payments is eliminated, provided that the procedures described in the decree are applied.

How do you obtain the Superbonus?

By carrying out some specific categories of construction works aimed at achieving a minimum level of energy efficiency (improvement by at least two energy classes). The construction work to be carried out may also involve work that is not covered by the 110% tax relief. These works will be indicated in the preliminary study, if applicable, and described in more detail in the estimate calculation.

Significant DETERMINING construction measures

  • Thermal insulation (incidence of dispersing opaque surface >25% – external walls and roofs) – max 40,000 x U.I. (apartment buildings up to 8 I.U.), max. 30,000 x I.U. (buildings with more than 8 I.U.)
  • Replacement of central heating systems – max 20,000 x I.U. (apartment buildings up to 8 I.U.), max. 15,000 x I.U. (buildings with more than 8 I.U.)

NON-DETERMINING measures, for which the bonus is increased to 110% only if they are carried out at the same time as the determining measures:

  • Replacement of external window frames with suitable thermal transmittance (max. € 54,545.00)
  • Photovoltaic system and related accumulators (max. € 96,000.00)
  • Electric car charging stations (max € 1.500,00/each)

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