Sicurappy is the first network dedicated to sharing verified documents between companies and service providers and contractors relating to safety at work.

The application has been conceived and designed for use by Employers, Condominium Administrators, RSPPs, Customers and Suppliers and allows you to facilitate the procedures for checking safety documentation.

Verification of documents is a legal obligation for the Employer (Legislative Decree 81/08 ISO 45001 compliant), who not only must take care that the documents relating to his company are constantly updated, but must also make sure that are those of the suppliers who enter your company. This is the only guarantee capable of protecting the Legal Manager in the face of non-conformities committed by Suppliers / Contractors at their company.

Sicurappy is the system that allows you to upload and share this documentation (necessary for carrying out work safely), allowing you to monitor its completeness and deadlines and activate an automatic alert system.

The primary functions

The main functions of Sicurappy are:

  • Archive on which to upload only once the documents requested by customers or to be requested from suppliers;
  • Checking the status of documents: through its staff and an automated system Sicurappy checks all the documents that have been uploaded, returning visual indications on their status (red light if the document is missing or expired, yellow if the document is about to expire, green if approved);
  • Deadlines and missing documents alert through an in-app and email notification system.

Within the App, approved documents are automatically visible and shared with your Network; in addition, the RSPP is freed from the burden of checking them one by one, as the control of documents and Suppliers is outsourced.

Strength points

  • SIMPLE: the App allows each supplier to have a single archive for all types of documents;
  • VERSATILE: each user can be a Customer and a Supplier at the same time. As a customer you can request documentation from suppliers, as a supplier you can upload all the documents that customers require in one place;
  • INTUITIVE: the App checks the documents and updates the customer and supplier on upcoming deadlines;
  • SAFE: Sicurappy is a WebApp and, as such, has a protected, inviolable database with all the backup guarantees and easy access for each actor involved;
  • EVOLVED: everyone is supported in document management. Sicurappy operates as a third party whose experts check each document and check its expiration;
  • SHARED: thanks to the sharing via App on smartphones, tablets or computers by the Supervisors, the Reception and whoever desires the bill, the “de visu” control is multiplied, thus achieving maximum efficiency.

How to install Sicurappy?

Sicurappy installation is easy and can be used on all devices!

The App has been designed not to occupy memory on the mobile phone / pc and to be safer in case of cyber attacks, loss, loss or breakdown, so it cannot be downloaded from common virtual stores (AppStore or Google Play), but directly from the site. web.

Once installed, a direct connection to the account, exclusive and protected, is created, connected to the Sicurappy servers.


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