The environmental product certifications envisaged by Nuova Sabatini (Sabatini Green), for producers, importers or distributors of goods, are as follows:

  1. Type II environmental self-declarations – ISO 14021: ecological labels, for which certification by an independent body is not foreseen, relating to the characteristics of the products, which provide proven, non-misleading, verifiable, specific, clear and not subject to errors of interpretation, based on specific content requirements and information dissemination methods. Examples are the “recyclable“, “compostable“, “degradable” labels affixed to products.
  2. ISO Type III Environmental Product Declarations – ISO 14025: ecological labels, of which the EDP are examples, which report declarations based on established parameters, stated following the conduct of an LCA analysis, consisting of a study of the consumption of resources (materials , water, energy) and the impacts on the surrounding environment of a product in the various phases of its life cycle, according to the rules and requirements defined in the PCR (Product Category Rules) for each product category. The acquisition of the label is subject to validation by an independent third party and subsequent registration.

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