Workplace hygiene and safety, regulated by decree-law 81/2008, provides management and business consulting services in order to enable companies to fulfil their obligations and provide long-term support for the correct management of accident prevention and workplace hygiene. ECO Next handles complete businesses both in the field of services (offices, etc.), including those that attract the public (large and small restaurants, etc.), as well as those that operate in industrial, agricultural and manufacturing sectors (engineering, chemical, agriculture, food, manufacturing, etc.).

Workplace Safety requirements:

  • Assistance with formal and procedural matters
  • Company inspection for risk identification and assessment
  • Preparation of the “Risk Assessment Document” (DVR – Documento di Valutazione dei Rischi).
  • Emergency plans (evacuation/fire protection).
  • Technical inspection of electrical, fire protection and earthing systems.
  • Active safety (periodic company inspections, update of the documentation on occupational safety).
  • Technical and administrative assistance and maintenance.
  • Adoption of the position of the officer in charge of prevention and protection.
  • Single document for risk assessment Work-related interventions.
  • Surveillance activities, in support of the Employer, in order to make sure that the employees observe the safety rules. This service includes periodic and constant inspections of workplaces/construction sites where the company’s staff is working. A report will be prepared for each inspection, which will also contain possible non-conformities.

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