The safety rules specified in decree-law no. 81/2008 must be respected and guaranteed not only in workplaces, but also in apartment buildings. Every day, many people have access to the common areas of an apartment building, but also many different professionals, from the concierge to the gardener, from the cleaners to the staff for the maintenance of installations and lifts.

If he does not make sure that all the necessary controls are carried out, he can be held responsible, for example, if he does not eliminate a possible danger that jeopardises the safety of other persons.

Fire protection measures must be strictly observed, and the caretaker has to make sure that a fire prevention certificate is issued, when requested by Presidential Decree 151/11. With reference to the common areas, particular attention must also be paid to the conformity of electrical and gas installations in order to ensure the health and safety of the residents and avoid civil or criminal law provisions in the event of regrettable accidents.

The same applies, for instance, to the maintenance of the chimney of the apartment building, because in the event of carbon monoxide poisoning, it is the caretaker who is responsible both under civil and criminal law provisions.

Generally speaking, in order to ensure the health and safety of the common areas, the caretaker has to take measures to protect the apartment building and also point out urgent repairing that need to be done (whereas he is not held responsible if the owners’ meeting decides not to proceed, once the need for action and the potential danger a deferred maintenance has been pointed out).

ECO Next supports the caretakers of apartment buildings in the following issues:

  • Inspection of the apartment building for risk identification and assessment
  • Preparation of mandatory technical documentation
  • Emergency plans (evacuation/fire protection).
  • Technical inspection of electrical, fire protection and earthing systems.
  • Technical and administrative assistance and maintenance.



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