ECO Next's Human Resources division service is based on a lean, competent and effective organization: solid and deep relationships between customers and candidates, based on awareness of mutual needs and continuity of relationship; highly structured operating models, but also flexible and versatile; speed and concreteness of the work.

The core values of HR are loyalty, trust, fairness, commitment, dedication and team spirit.

The necessary steps in order to optimise the performance of the human resources are the following,

  • Coaching: the process of developing the employee’s skills and expertise.
  • Outplacement: the new collocation of the employee within the position to which he or she belongs.
  • Training
  • Personnel selection and executive search
  • HR Temporary Management: the temporary assignment of personnel management to qualified managers.
  • Organisational development: performance evaluation, assessment centres, incentive systems.

It is also important to create a model for the governance of performance and development through the definition of the requested profiles of each role in the company (job profiles), the assessment of performance and skills, the identification and design of individual development plans.

But what leads most to the best results is the alignment between organisation and business, the more coordinated the organisational structure and the objectives of business growth, the more successful the company will be!

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