For some years now we have been experiencing a global revolution called the digital and sustainable transition, identified as the 4th industrial revolution. The business world (and above all SMEs) cannot afford to neglect it, on the contrary it must understand it, make it its own and make it a priority in its growth and development strategy. By 2027, SMEs, as well as large companies, will also have to equip themselves with non-financial reporting and reporting models aimed at tracing activities in the field of sustainability; this implies having triggered internally models of environmental, social and governance sustainability. Before dealing with metrics and calculation algorithms, the step to take is to understand one's own way of doing business and how this way can be in line with global development principles.

Eco Next spa intends to help all companies, with particular attention to small and medium-sized ones, to develop specific awareness in the field of digital and sustainable transition. This takes place through a specially designed service, called EVALUATION OF THE SUSTAINABILITY RATING FOR SMEs, which is based on the application of the Reference Practice UNI 134:2022.

With the EVALUATION OF THE SUSTAINABILITY RATING you can begin a process of maturation and awareness of ESG issues, which can then lead to:

  • Improvement of one’s credibility and corporate reliability for access to loans with credit institutions and institutions (finance subsidized, PNRR, investment funds);
  • Acquisition of the requisites required in the relevant supply chain to satisfy specific requests from customers and suppliers;
  • Opening of new markets with products aimed at target customers interested in sustainability issues.
  • Improvement of its corporate reputation as a sustainable brand within its reference market.


  1. It is an analysis based on the application of a UNI Reference Practice. The Reference Practices, adopted exclusively at national level, are among the “products of European standardization”, as provided for by EU Regulation no. 1025/2012, and are documents that introduce technical prescriptions.
  2. It is an analysis that allows you to assess your degree of maturity on ESG issues and consequently allows you to undertake a targeted and personalized growth path on these topics;
  3. It is an analysis to obtain a rating which, being drawn up according to UNI guidelines, has value for certifying one’s ESG maturity towards credit institutions and public bodies;

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