ECO Next acts as partner and point of reference using an approach that focuses on the primary target of utilising its expertise to bring the customers’ ideas and projects to life.


  • Our Research Centre monitors all available benefits right from the initial planning stage, identifying the most interesting measures in terms of economic funding, the strategic target, aid level and type of benefit and defines their application and strategic aspects.
  • We analyse the appropriateness and applicability of the benefits in relation to our clients’ programmes and projects.
  • We carry out precise feasibility studies free of charge which consist in the analysis of whether the company meets the key requirements imposed by the different benefits and whether it is possible to combine different measures.
  • We prepare the required documentation and forms, assist the writing of the project and support the company during all the relevant formal stages.

ECO Next can support you for:

Tax credit for capital equipment

Tax credit for research and development, innovation, design

Tax credit for Training 4.0

Tax credit for investments in the South of Italy “Mezzogiorno”

Investment goods “Nuova Sabatini”


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