CIVA assistance

ECO Next offers its customers support and coaching in the various phases related to the insertion of the practices on the CIVA portal, but can also be delegated by the Employer to operate on the portal on his behalf.

From May 27th, 2019 a new application is online  i.e. Civa portal, developed by INAIL (Istituto Nazionale per l’Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro), the Italian Institute for accident prevention at work, which makes it possible to report on or ask for inspection of equipment and facilities online, such as

  • commissioning and registration of lifting equipment;
  • commissioning and registration of lifts and freight elevators for construction sites;
  • commissioning and registration of single pressure equipment and assemblies;
  • project approval and inspection of the first heating system;
  • first periodic inspections of work equipment;
  • reporting of earthing installations;
  • reporting on protective systems against electrical discharge;
  • communication of the name of the body in charge of the periodic inspection of electrical installations.

It is the aim of this application to improve the traceability of the various stages of the administration process, such as the issuing of serial numbers, the request for complementary documentation, the assignment of a technician etc., and furthermore to enable all users to view the list of the plants and equipment connected to the users themselves with the indication of the related serial numbers.



If you rely upon ECO Next we will process all CIVA communications through the dedicated portal function as external consultants operating on behalf of third parties.

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