The machinery built before the entry into force of the Machinery Directive (before 1996) and which today continue to operate in the workplace, must comply with the minimum safety requirements set by Annex V of TU 81/2008.

The employer is required to verify compliance with these requirements, and if necessary, if the machine is not compliant, must make the necessary adjustments.

All machines built after 1996 must be CE marked, if they are not, the employer is required to bear this burden.


  • Census of the machines in the company to determine if they are before or after the Machinery Directive, to determine their type, if they are accompanied by the necessary documentation and if they have undergone changes such as to require a new CE marking.
  • Analysis of machines and work equipment to verify compliance with applicable laws and regulations on safety and identify any non-compliance;
  • Definition of the adjustment interventions necessary to make the machines and work equipment compliant with the applicable provisions (guards, safety devices, etc.);
  • Drafting of a report certifying the compliance of the machines with the applicable provisions on safety, with particular reference to the requirements of Annex V of Legislative Decree 81/2008 (for non-CE marked machines);
  • Consulting for CE marking, in detail:
    • List of actions required to achieve compliance (GAP Analysis);
    • Project processing (electrical diagrams, mechanical drawings, £D modeling, calculation reports);
    • Preparation of all the required technical documentation;
    • Laboratory tests, if necessary (EMC, LVD, Noise, Vibrations, …);
    • Upon request, assumption of responsibilities by ECO Next as Manufacturer.

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