bathing facilities

Seaside tourism is one of the major pillars of our economy and, as such, is called upon to guarantee ever higher quality standards.

For this reason, bathing establishments are required to respond to social and environmental needs with an eye to the safety of consumers who access their facilities every year.


Stop the extension of beach concessions

According to the sentence of the Council of State, the current beach concessions will be considered valid until 31 December 2023. Starting from 2024, the state concessions will be recognized and assigned through participation in tenders, in which the current concessionaires will also be able to participate.

The tenders will have to consider the investments, the corporate value of the company and the tangible and intangible assets, the professionalism acquired in the sector (minimum 5 years of management of the establishment object of the tender), as well as the enhancement of social policy objectives, health and workers’ safety, environmental protection and cultural heritage preservation.


Trust a team of experts.. choose ECO Next

ECO Next aims to accompany bathing establishments in a process of adjustments capable of improving the quality of services with consequent benefits for consumers, so that future public tender procedures do not exclude any establishment/licensee.

The services offered by ECO Next are:

Consulting for the release of the ISO 13009 Certification

This standard defines the standards that define the services and infrastructures that distinguish quality beaches. With ISO 13009 you can make your bathing establishment more attractive and competitive on the market, becoming the qualifying (and rewarding) tool for issuing concessions.

Evaluation of the safety conditions of the plant

Analysis of the structure from a static and plant point of view, identifying a recovery program for any non-compliant situations detected, with particular attention to the requirements for Accessible Hospitality in order to guarantee access for disabled people to the bathing establishments.

Water analysis

Starting from the drinking water of the plants up to the sampling of bathing water through Accredited Laboratories.

Industry 4.0

Tax incentives for companies that invest in technology and digitization. Analysis of the asset subject to the subsidy, with verification of the fulfillment of the MANDATORY and ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS and its specific compliance with the provisions on interconnection and integration (for example: purchase of light, wheeled vehicles for cleaning the beaches).

Securing play areas

Play areas in public or private spaces for children or adults must be regularly checked and maintained to prevent any injuries and damage to health during activities.


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