Published: 10 Mar 2023

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We are happy to announce the beginning of our collaboration with Ekomobil-Ecosolution, a company active on the Italian territory which, in addition to carrying out promotional activities for the diffusion of charging on the Italian road network, also deals with the construction and maintenance of small and large plants photovoltaic systems, through a monitoring service that allows you to know the status of each individual panel in real time.


Customers who decide to rely on ECO Next, thanks to the consolidated experience of our experts in the field of fulfillment of training obligations and through collaboration with Ekomobil, receive complete advice starting from the design phase up to the installation of photovoltaic systems of any size, from domestic installations to large photovoltaic parks. In addition to the installation service, we offer customers maintenance and system monitoring services to ensure maximum efficiency and return on investment within the estimated times.

“Photovoltaics is an extremely topical issue both in economic terms and in terms of environmental impact. In ECO Next we intend to offer a 360° service and through the collaboration with Ekomobil we will be able to provide the design, installation, but above all the cleaning of the panels, allowing us to maintain high performance and energy standards over time. The theme has so fascinated our employees, collaborators and consultants, that they have chosen to become our first Ambassadors in the dissemination of the service, having understood its potential and having embraced the need to commit themselves from the point of view of environmental protection.” – says Marco Mauri, CEO of ECO Next


“The collaboration with ECO Next allows us to strengthen our presence in the renewable energy sector, in particular solar energy. This cooperation represents a further step forward in the company mission, which is to encourage the development of technological solutions capable of ensuring energy independence. Furthermore, I am sure that sharing the same professional approach will favor the development of the project.” – declares Francesco Pinardi, CEO of Ekomobil.



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