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Published: 6 Jun 2022

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Energy Diagnosis is a systematic investigation of the energy uses of the site, the building or the system under analysis, with the aim of identifying, among the energy flows, opportunities to reduce energy costs through management interventions, plant and structural engineering.


The companies obliged which do not carry out energy diagnostics shall be subject to a financial administrative penalty from 4.000 to 40.0000 euros, which shall be halved if the diagnosis is not made in accordance with the requirements laid down in article 8.



ECO Next offers a structured service in stages that was created to provide organizations with:

  • Defining targets of the analysis with the Customer
  • Realization of in site inspection in which an in-depth campaign of analysis and monitoring of the most energy-intensive users will be carried out
  • Analysis of the data acquired in the field, estimate of the distribution of consumption among the various cost centers of the customer and preparation of an energy model of the system under analysis
  • Proposal for interventions to reduce energy costs aimed at reducing waste, malfunctions and anomalies
  • Presentation of results


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