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ECO Next was born from the experience of its founders and is committed to assist clients in fulfilling their legal obligations, providing cutting-edge consultancy, cross-disciplinary expertise and a wide network of specialists all over the country.

However, there is more to ECO Next than just meeting obligations, ECO Next also takes a close look at the opportunities that the regulatory and legislative world holds for businesses and individuals. Through a network that processes the requests, we aim to quickly provide targeted services in accordance with the specific expertise of our resources.
ECO Next offers consulting services on simplified funding and on the 110% Bonus in order to support clients regarding all aspects of tax reliefs.

Furthermore, we ensure the distribution, installation and maintenance of heart defibrillators and charging stations all over the country.
ECO Next is a team of professionals at your service.

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ECO Next promotes cutting-edge processes inside the companies in an efficient, down-to-earth and dynamic way, acting as a partner able to shape the future envisioned by the company’s managers.


ECO Next wants to enhance the companies’ growth by supporting them in their efforts to interpret the complexity of laws and regulations and by promoting a cutting-edge culture that allows entrepreneurs to focus exclusively on the development of their core business. Through a network of experts throughout the country, ECO Next provides specialised engineering and consulting services, offering cutting-edge solutions in order to achieve company targets.

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Locations in Italy

To ensure maximum uptime and transparency, ECO Next has organized its structure on three operational sites with specific skills and reduced response times for companies’ needs.

FAENZA – main legal and operational headquarters

PADUA – operational headquarters

REGGIO EMILIA – operational headquarters

NAPLES – operational headquarters

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